Fiscal efficiency
in international activities

Royaltax was born of a Leiria Law Firm that in 2014 realized a recurring need of its clients: fiscal efficiency in international activities

As lawyers we provide all the necessary legal support in any international activity that our clients develop. But we soon realized that, beyond legal, another such important issue had a brutal impact on the success or failure of any internationalization strategy: taxes.

Tax Planning

Whether they are taxes on profits – as in Portugal – taxes on imports, customs duties, etc., bad tax planning or lack of knowledge of tax obligations in countries with whom they intend to do business, can condemn an ‚Äč‚Äčinternationalization strategy at birth.

So it was precisely to provide this support that we began to specialize in taxation. In this process of upgrading our skills, we have discovered the Madeira Free Trade Zone (ZFM), whose tax incentives for exporting and internationalizing companies are extremely attractive.

In addition to the extraordinary tax benefits it offers, Madeira’s tax regime has full EU approval as a state aid scheme and is duly regulated – both at Community and national level – and as such, is not and never has been classified as a tax haven or offshore by the OECD (White List). Incentives have been introduced under the Community support programs for the outermost regions.

Birth of Royaltax

We decided to open Royaltax in Madeira in 2014. And with a double mission: to serve our customers; and contribute to growth and employment in Madeira. With the sense of accomplishment, satisfied customers and immense pride in being present in Funchal, it was natural that we began to provide all our services to international companies that wanted to establish themselves in Portugal. We received the first international customer in 2017.

And it was also natural that we started to direct our services to any company. Everything we did to ZFM companies we could also do to companies outside ZFM.

Today we support and we are focused on providing services to any company in 3 fundamental axes: Taxation; Financial management; Juridic services. We want our clients to focus on what they know best: to develop their business. And we support all the other necessary pillars.